Friday, 4 January 2013

Which is the vainest blood group of them all?

The winner is O positive.

In the past statistics showed that B positive, followed by B negatives to be the most vain of all the blood groups. These were short term statistics and now the research has had time to mature.

After a longer term the results have now changed. Now clearly leading is O positive, closely followed by A positive, A negative, then a big gap followed by B negative, O negative, AB positive, B positive and lastly, who are the least vain of all, is AB negative. This shows how stats can be deceptive if not given long enough to mature.

However, seeing as O positive is the most common blood group, these results could be seen as not really fair, especially as AB negative is the most rare, and came lowest in the results.

So in reality the rare blood group A negative which scored very highly, could actually be the most vain.

What is your blood group? Do you think you are vain? Maybe you think this article is about you?

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  1. What is this really about a blood type or a group who think they are vain or how stupid and irrelevent that whole idea seems...

  2. A neg here and yeah unfortunately I have been told this a time or 20, don't mean to be it's just how I am.