Thursday, 3 January 2013

Perfume Inspired By Your Blood Type

Introducing - Blood Lust Perfume

Blood contains our life force and some say it influences our personality. This mysterious liquid that seeps through our veins has intrigued and beguiled us since the beginning of time. Tales of vampires and blood drinking rituals have inspired many great Writers and Artists, and now it has inspired this Perfumer to create these unique blends.

Blood Lust is a new exciting range of perfumes which have been specially researched and tested on various people with different blood types. The research has taken over two years to complete.

The fragrance works with your bodies own chemistry - fragrances that suit your blood type are used to make these special perfumes. The Alchemy of perfumery is used to work perfectly with your blood type, it brings out the best of your blood type traits, as you inhale the aroma. An added bonus is the attraction of those with the same blood type as you, meaning instant bonds are created in the unconscious mind as you drink in the aroma.

Many will choose their perfume/cologne by going to the store and buying the first thing that smells good on a small paper strip, or something that they liked from a magazine ad. Picking the right scent for your body is a lot more complicated. Your body and paper do not react the same way to perfumes.

Perfume does not smell the same in the bottle, on the test strip, or on your skin. What you smell first is the top note. This is the strongest part of the perfume and it fades the quickest. After the top note fades you are left with the middle note that fades into the base note. The base note is the scent that stays on you the longest and appears around thirty minutes after initially applying the perfume. Depending on the type of perfume, the base note can last up to 24 hours.

The only thing worse than too much perfume, is too much of the wrong kind. Body chemistry, which your blood is a massive part of,  plays a huge role in how the scent smells on you. If your perfume seems to fade quickly, don't compensate by putting more on. If the scent works with your body it should smell nice through all its stages and stay on without much application.

When you start sampling scents don't expect the perfume to smell the same on you as it does on the test strips. Your body chemistry is what makes the perfume work or not work. Once you find a perfume that you like the general top note of (what you will be smelling on the test strip) spray it onto your wrists, and smell immediately to see how the top note works with your body. 

Wait 10-20 minutes and smell your wrists again. You are now experiencing the middle note. About an hour later smell your wrists one last time to get a sense of the base note. This is what you should be basing your purchase on because this is what the scent is going to smell like the majority of the time you are wearing it.

Once you have found the perfect perfume for your body chemistry, applying it is easy. Simply spray, roll or drop a small l amount to your wrists, behind your ears, your neck and if you like behind your knees. The reason behind applying perfume on the pulses is that they are considered the warmer parts of the body, which help diffuse the scene and allow it to mix with your body's natural oils better. 

Where most perfume houses make their perfumes from synthetic fragrances and toxic tinctures... Blood Lust Perfumes are created from nature. Only pure organic scents are added to our blends. There is nothing as alluring and attractive as the true scents from Mother Nature.

Choose one of the wonderful scents below.

O Negative - is a heady mix of exotic flowers, chocolate, summer fruits and musky vanilla.

O Positive - with exotic florals, earthy tones and hints of musky woods.

A Negative - is a refreshing green scent of herbs, a hint of spice, hawthorn, berries and raindrops.

A Positive - with green scents, fresh garden flowers, citrus and morning dew.

B Negative - a spicy flavoured scent, with oriental blossoms and hints of exotic fruits.

B Positive - is spicy and earthy, with lemongrass notes and musky ginger undertones.

AB Negative - is a gentle mix of refreshing green scents, berries and exotic fruits.

AB Positive - with green hints, fresh flowers, earthy tones and gentle apple hints.

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