Monday, 10 December 2012

DNA of Rh Negatives

The originating haplogroups of the O Rh negative blood which are proven lines, meaning families who have kept records of their clans, and know they are Bretons, Gaels & Picts are as follows:

Y DNA Haplogroups I2b1 now known as (I2a2) & J2. As as well as other lines in the I and J haplogroup, and mtDNA haplogroups I2, H and U.

However, it is important to realise that blood type is NOT passed through Y DNA or mtDNA, it is passed through Autosomal DNA.

Because the genes that cause Rh negative blood are recessive, anyone who has bred with someone from one of our families in the past, could end up with Rh negative blood, and their DNA groups will not be that of the bloodline families.

Someone with AB+ blood could also have some of our other recessive traits if someone in their family history bred with one of our bloodline, so they might for instance have red hair and blue eyes.

People who don't understand genetics and DNA run about claiming their DNA line is the origin of Rh negative blood, without realising that they only have Rh negative blood because someone in their family at one time bred with one of the bloodline families, who are the origin of this blood. If they were one of the bloodline families, they would already know about it.

R1b Y DNA is hybrid DNA, and NOT the origins of Rh negative blood.


  1. I was adopted but I always knew I was different. I am haplogroup H and RH negative (A-). I also consider myself to be African American.

    Thanks for your article :-)

    1. This articles is confusing. The universal blood line has to come from the original folks on this planet. The Melanin man and woman. We pre-date everyone else .

    2. So you think modern humans, including black people, pre-date us Neanderthals? Who told you that?

    3. Modern humans? They keep digging up our ancient bones. Our Melanin are still being discovered on ancient walls. This is elementary information. Yes we pre-date you. Also, all this come out of darkness. This is biblical and scientific. All I want to know who was the first tribe to have the o negative blood type? I can figure out the rest.

    4. I can assure you, Neanderthals pre-date modern humans by hundreds of thousands of years. I can't believe you said biblical and scientific in the same breath!! Do you even know how old the bible is? It is only a few thousand years old. O negative blood comes from white skinned, red haired, blue eyed Neanderthals.

    5. You are no longer allowed to post on this blog, as I will not tolerate your racist comments, you DO NOT have superior genes, you sound like bloody Hitler, piss off, racist scum. And just so you know, Cleopatra had red hair and was white, you are obviously in denial!

    6. White is not is not a people or race, neither is black. Are you all serious? Lol

  2. Hi - I'm Haplogroup H and 0 Rhesus negative - felt different all my life - now I probably know why ;-)