Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ramesses III Haplogroup

Some sites are reporting that, based on some mutations that have been revealed, Ramesses III haplogroup is I2b, which would make sense, seeing as he has the red hair gene and HLA-B27 antigen, which is found in those with O rh negative blood and this haplotype. His mtDNA is H, which is also no surprise.

However, other sites are now starting to claim that:

"Based on his 13 STR markers tested, the probabilities are that he belonged to haplogroup E1b1a (aka E-V38, the Black African branch), although there is a faint possibility that it is E1b1b (E-M215, the Northeast African and Mediterranean branch)."

Why would they be implying he is haplogroup E? Other than their need, yet again, to prove that everyone is 'out of Africa' and make the old claim that the Pharaohs were black.

The mutations that have been made available are not complete, but when put in a DNA predictor they come out as I2b.

"From the values posted, Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor suggests (99.0% probability; equal priors) an I2b haplogroup (FTDNA) also called I2a2" (ISOGG)

So now as the ignorant spread disinformation around the web, some of us know the truth.


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  2. Anyone can see he is a WHITE MAN! Heck he even looks like one of my cousins. :)

  3. I'm as white as anyone, born blonde (now brown but golden-red highlights in the sun) with blue eyes and I am E1b1b (E V13) from Northern Europe. It is a mediterranean caucasion haplogroup common among mediterranean Europeans. This halpogroup is Eurasian in origin and has nothing in common with subsaharan Africa.