Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Aquatic Apes

Neanderthals evolved naturally and were in the water much longer than other land apes. Humans have picked up certain traits from Neanderthals through the mixing. One of those traits is that your fingers go wrinkly when they are in water, this is for no other reason than to enhance our grip underwater.

As aquatic apes we would stand in the water and catch fish with our hands. This evolutionary trait
helped us to catch and keep the fish from slipping out of our grip.

I am often asked if people with O Rh negative blood don't have any ape genes, well of course they do, all humans evolved from all kinds of creatures if you go far enough back. Neanderthals with O negative blood evolved from aquatic apes. A Rh positive blood came from chimps - land apes and B Rh positive blood came from gorillas - or at least apes in the same line as those.

If someone has A, B or AB negative blood, it is because of the mixing with those with O Rh negative blood. A pure bloodline is O Rh negative, as is B Rh positive and if you go far enough back A positive is a pure bloodline too. These are the origins of the blood types, people are very mixed today though and so most could have any blood type.

When I talk about pure lines I am talking about the origins of a blood line - O Rh negative is pure blood of a line and also has no A or B antigen and no rhesus protein, therefore is described as pure because all types can take this blood.

A Rh positive is a pure line, because it is the origin of that bloodline, as is B Rh positive. AB positive doesn't have a pure line because it is mixed.

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