Monday, 10 December 2012

Ancient Bloodline

Hitler talked about A Rh positive blood being of the superior race, and wanted to wipe out anyone who carried the Rh negative genes, the Jews have a high percentage of Rh negative blood. He felt inferior to Rh negatives, as when he did studies he was amazed at the intelligence they showed above his more easy to control and less bright 'superior race'. He wanted to covert the occult teachings for himself, the teachings about true spirituality that our ancient tribes had passed down for thousands of years.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels specifically wanted to exterminate Scottish Highlanders, Bretons, Basques, South Slavs, and Czechs. All have a higher percentage of Rh negative or carry it  recessively. Their excuse was that they are from an earlier 'primitive' population.

Extract from Friedrich Engels:
There is no country in Europe which does not have in some corner or other one or several fragments of peoples, the remnants of a former population that was suppressed and held in bondage by the nation which later became the main vehicle for historical development. These relics of nations, mercilessly trampled down by the passage of history, as Hegel expressed it, this ethnic trash always became fanatical standard bearers of counterrevolution and remain so until their complete extirpation or loss of their national character, just as their whole existence in general is itself a protest against a great historical revolution. Such in Scotland are the Gaels … Such in France are the Bretons… Such in Spain are the Basques.

Friedrich Engels, Hungary and Panslavism (1849)
Yes that is true, O rhesus negative blood was the first blood of humans. The ancient shamanistic tribes that inhabited the earth a long time before we created the rhesus positives when we mixed some of our genes with apes.

If anyone dares to mention the differences we are told to shut up, that we are being racist. Yet there are obvious differences and a lot of them.
Why do they hate us so much and say we are primitive? Even though they themselves carry some of our genes within them?
It is because our tribes were peaceful nature loving matriarchal clans, who lived in harmony with nature, and who didn't want their version of civilisation, e.g. Cities, pollution, industry, mass produced foods, patriarchy, war, money, greed and all the other things that have ruined our beautiful planet.
Will they succeed in wiping us all out, as they continue to destroy our Mother Earth? Or will we be able to stop them before it is too late?
You don't have to be Rh negative to care about your planet and your children, and grandchildren's future.
We can be the solution


  1. Hello. I am AB negative. I have always felt that other people instinctively have had a repulsion towards me. As a child I had an instinctually genius level of creativity. I supressed this for many years as it made me appear strange to others.

  2. O negative, not easy being me

  3. I don't know what my blood type is or my fathers blood type is either but my mother is B- negative. So either way that means I am from the line of Rh Negative and through out my life people have always been very wretched to me, not all but many of them hate when you show your creativity.

  4. This all has completely blown my mind. The more I research all this, The more I see my entire life being explained in VERY incredible detail! Making me understand why others have always treated me either with complete disdain or like some kind of idol. As a child, I couldn't understand why most of the adults around me acted so dumb, I figured "I" must have misunderstood something because adults couldn't be that ignorant. I never said anything to them about this but many adults just hated me & I hadn't done anything to deserve it. It confused me. I always had a way with and loved, animals, & would often keep company with them over people. I'm always the one all my friends (& complete strangers) come to for advise or to pour out their secrets. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I "felt" to much, or "cared" to much about everyone's misfortune or the injustice to any & everyone or anything in the world. I would cry myself to sleep about it even as a young girl. I had to hide it & learn to control it so it didn't hurt me. I could literally be deeply bothered for days about a story on the news. I had tons of friends but would feel like I was "watching" over them distantly, even if I was in the middle of a large group of friends. like I wasn't one of them. this didnt "bother" me, it just "felt" like that was what it was. My similarities to so many things here go on & on. I & my kids have an uncanny ability to read people or even the environment. I don't know if its the RH- but I notice excessive amounts of road lamps will go out as I drivet owards them. Also, many issues with electronics that I am by.. to often to be a coincidence! It goes on & on. When I talked about some of these oddities to my husband (even though he is also a RH-) he would say "you just think your special." & got a strange attitude with me. (This was before I knew anything about the RH- info.) I'd try to say that it wasn't that I felt "special"...but weird.
    I could mention some of the more bizarre things that happen but I've learned these things can really creep people out & scare them. My poor daughter shared her ability to "just know things" about people, with a couple of her friends, explaining it was as simple as paying attention to things, & they actually ran to an adult later & told them that she was doing "satanic" things! She was mortified! (She's in her late teens) I was mortified for her..I know how she felt..I had to remind her, we have to hold back telling most people these things because they DON'T get it. She to, can't fathom how people can't "get" something's, when it seems like it should be total common sense. I truly appreciate that this site (& others like it) are helping some of us..understand how & why we are who & how we are. As well as appreciating & embracing it. Regardless of how I was treated or looked at, I've always loved who
    & how I was. I always said "I would never want to be like everyone else.. How can they stand to live so mundane, sheltered & clueless?" Now I understand & I mean that even MORE. It's like so many people are not aware of the world going on around them & not appreciating, learning about or being awed by it. It's always seemed so sad. I felt like it would be very sad to be like that. (I still do). But..Thank you again for putting the pieces together for me & I'm sure, for others also!

    1. Michaele what do you mean the traffic lights go out? Strangely, I think my mums boyfriend has O- blood type.He keeps saying that everytime he gets closer to a traffic light it switches to red... almost like on purpose!! I am O+ but have met many negative bloodt types and have always wondered how they are so aware of everything around them... but always they are not greedy, kind and with a good sense of humour :)

    2. Michele, what do you mean the traffic lights go out??
      My mums boyfriend keeps saying that when he gets closer to traffic lights the light changes to red almost EVERYTIME!! Also he seems to be able to take all the negative crap that I have to say to him like when people are bad to me and he always seems to understand like hes been through it...

      I think Gods creation has so much variation its incredible.

    3. The RH Negatives really do not have it easy, but we are here for a reason, and we certainly have a unique way of seeing behind the veil, seeing the truth, that is why we are feared and hated. People fear and hate what they do not understand. It is great that we can share here and get a better understanding of ourselves. Thank You.

  5. I forgot to mention, I am 0- , have auburn hair, fair skin, will tan & I burn, but not like most light complected people. I slowly tan after, even without burning. I burnt worse as a kid. I had freckles on my face not till after 25yrs. did I gradually get them on my shoulders, then arms, then a few on my back & very few on my legs & middle.I'm 46 now. I've six kids, 28yr.-10yr., I hear that I don't look old enough to have kids that age, I don't feel like it either (my mind doesn't acknowledge my being older than 29!)
    I had easy & fast labors, (3hrs/44mnts.- longest & 1st, my fastest 1hr/15mnts.,all went easy & one I delivered in just 2 half pushes. most, I had a "natural"birth = I delivered without any drug intervention for pain, even with an "induced" labor (pitocin).I've an unusually high pain tolerance.
    I did miscarry as many times as live births, tho early in each pregnancy.I have difficulty telling the color of my eyes.their blue, blue-gray, grey, green-grey, green & rarely look somewhat hazel. They change with my mood, clothing color, weather, how dark or light it is,etc.,I'm told that when I am very angry, they are VERY scary. I can never get anyone to tell me exactly how or why. example: an aggressive gang member that I worked with, started to attack me & when I realized it & turned to face him (thats when I was no longer staff but someone who was going to take care of business & was more than ready.) But what was strange was the sudden look on this large 19 yr olds face when he made eye contact with me,in the middle of charging at me..the second his eyes met mine, he immediately stopped cold in his tracks, with a look on his face that could not be explained as anything other than horrified, & he slowly backed up & sat in the seat I had told him to sit in, just before the start of his attack. After that, he never said or did anything aggressive for my entire shift. but the next day (my day off) he attacked & assaulted a male staff member & later a pregnant staff member before they finally sent him to a more secure facility. So that's some idea of how my eyes Look when I'm threatened or angry.I'm just 5'5" average weight & solid build. I have exaggerated muscles, yet I don't work out or have a physical job.I grew up in a tough area & had to learn to defend myself at an early age (having no siblings to turn to), I have a very natural & instinctual fighting ability and strength WAY beyond what most females come close to. I've been told I fight & hit like a man, even as a teen. This is another very, VERY unusual thing about me... Though I haven't read anything saying this has anything to do with my RH factor. I have fibromyalgia, & have recently discovered that this seems more common in RH neg. people. I have a tendency to come out of anesthesia to early - while in several operations, I need three times more Novocain at the dentist (he's said he's never given anyone that much Novocain in his entire career.), I seem to need much higher doses of medications like pain meds to get the typical relief & I seem to burn through medication sooner than I should. I have extremely sensitive hearing, & often am overly sensitive to any stimulation. I can't wear long sleeves, things touching up against my arms, etc., I have a natural ability to do Reiki, I'd "play" with the energy between my hands as a kid, I started putting myself into self-hypnosis at age 7 without being taught or even knowing what it was I was doing until years later. I love water but I'm not a strong swimmer. It almost makes me feel trancelike when I watch it, Lol! I'm going on & on again! Sorry, I just can't believe that I'm actually somewhat normal! Sort!!! I'm sure there's tons more... & tons more that I didn't know had anything to do with my RH factor!

    1. Michele you are not alone, I seriously felt like i was reading something I wrote.. almost identical!!! its very reassuring to know that we are not alone in this!

    2. I have a lot in common with you Michelle except that I like lots of warm layers as I stay cold and I grew up in a very privaledged environment. But growing up, I still felt secluded and left out with other kids for being so different. I am a VERY strong swimmer and always felt like I could live in the water! In my younger days, I was known for being a very strong athlete. Even now, I can dominate a good mountain bike trail. But even more so, I have been known for extremely artist and creative instincts and abilities. I suffer from aggressive Crohn's but have found lots of success with natural essential oils and am in remission. My dreams sometimes depict future events. I feel a strong pull towards a loving God. I consider myself Christian but I'm not a fan of religion. Just a fan of my faith. I feel like rh-negative is a gift and gives us a strong spiritual connection with each other and with our Creator. I believe that we are thinkers and innovators and inventors and explorers and discoverers! I do believe we will survive.

    3. Michelle I have fibromyalgia also and have odd electrical things occur including yes the lights above going out as I reach them. I'm very sensitive hazel eyes.. Extremely light sensitive.. My body. Sometimes when lights go out around you on roads.. Red lights �� intersections it can be guardian angels.. Maybe not blood group related.. I will get my blood tested. I'd love to know what my type is..

    4. Michelle. Me and my sister are both Rh- My sister had her first child from a Rh+ husband and it was all fine. Then they divorced. She met a wonderful man and lost 5 or more pregnancies after that. Her body was killing her own babies. And I am very observant. At that time I was expecting my first baby and wanted to have at least one more and did not want something like this to happen to me. I needed to know WHY my sister lost so many babies after her first one.I researched it and was amazed. Because she was A- and her husband was Rh+ and her daughter was also Rh+ like her father my sister developed anti bodies in her blood with this first pregnancy and they were attacking and destroying every baby she was pregnant with after that from another Rh+ man. So after my first one was born from my Rh+ husband I had a Gama Gloubolin ? injection to get rid of these anti bodies so I was able to have another baby with no problem.If my husband was Rh- like me I wouldn't have had any problem or need of injection.

  6. Im ab negative and I feel the same like I don't belong with anybody around me. And I can identify good ir but the energy I can feel it. I also have dreams that comes through or it can be cool dreams like a movie and I will remember them. Plus more things that I know pleople around me dont understand.
    But now I feel so conected with rh negative like you guys because your been going through the same things than me .

  7. Is this true? Yeah I remember now. I was working driving a shuttle when this buch of turist from Israel came in my bus and they was asking me where else they can go to visit sites right. Oy yeah then I said go down at the border. They answer Done that. Ok Go Downtown Central City They Answer Done That. Then I suggested go to The Zoo. They Said Done that ok Then Go to uhm Ah The Beach They Said We Done all of that. I felt they was hostile against me and felt their anoyance and said to my self Is that why Hitler Hated the Jews? They so anoying and rude. Then one of them said Dont you think our women are smart? So I did not want to have an argument with them cuz Im from da streets and I know how to pick a good argument So I Said to myself calm down I will drop them to point B and get rid of them so I care less about their going about to visit sites and their woman. I Say "O yes I think they smart". But In reality I know they not and I knew back in my shuttle with the young Hebrews on board. If They was so damn smart why is there war in Israel. They could be so smart to stop the war. The only smart person I believe came down from Heaven And thought people how to believe and behave with one another. With love and Kindness. People what ever blood type they are They can figure out How to love God and each other because they ARE SO DAMN STUPID TO FOLLOW A SIMPLE 10 COMMANDMENTS. In other words Un-Believers are the most stupid people in the planet and Christians are the most Intelligent beacause We believe in LOVE and Worshiping The Only True God JESUS His son That came to save sinners from the damnation. Everlasting Hell. Is stupid to think that there is No God and there is No Life After Death. Well I hope you Smart enough to Make Jesus Christ Your Lord And Savior so that When YOU DIE ... YOU WONT SAY DAMN IT WAS TRUE IM IN HELL AND IM TORMENTED just like the Rich Man and Lazarous Story and NOW I CANT GET OUT IF only I LISTEN TO THE CHRISTIANS AND ALLOW THEM TO PREACH TO ME THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION. NOW IS TO LATE. Uhm yeah their is a lot of souls in the middle of the earth repenting but God sayed to their poor souls I send My prophets and you did not hear is to late to repent. Im Not the God of The Dead. Im the God of the Living. God Bless you Brothers and Sisters of The Lord and Athiest I hope you start been smart.

  8. Im Rh Negative also, and Im more alive than most
    people. I feel alienated. I age slower than others.
    I run faster. Im smarter. I can withstand lots
    of pain but I burn out fast if I dont eat the right
    foods. Artificial foods kill me fast.
    Im extremely competitive and spirtual.
    Im also naturally stronger than most men
    extremely defined muscles unique muscular
    structure rugged but gracious
    and my bones get stronger with age but their weak
    when Im young.
    ALSO MY VOICE is from outer space you never
    heard a voice like mine its very humble sounding
    Glad to hear from my jewish brothers.

  9. Yes I agree because of who we are we can help and be the solution BTW I'm o negative

  10. What about being a negative when all relatives (mother, father, brother and sister) are all positive?? Anyone can help understand pls????
    Thanks ;)

    1. I think it's a recessive gene passed down, in some cases. As far as I know, no one else in my immediate family is negative either. :)

  11. I am Rh negative. O negative also. I have always felt like I was looking through a window watching the world., not a part of it just watching. Extremely psychic, bleeding heart with a unusual connection to animals and the earth. Never have been very popular, with anyone. My own family always disliked and distanced themselves from me. Although I've been the only dependable one in the family. I could go on forever with the oddness my life has contained. I have olive skin and dark hair and brown eyes though. Also I have 2 ccervical ribs. I definitely think after reading others stories, there is something to this O negative blood.

  12. I also forgot to mention, I have always maintained a body temp of 97.6, and a few more of the characteristics of the negative genes.

  13. You know we can say anything or everything about our blood...the important thing is to follow what your heart (dna) tells you to...WE ARE SPECIAL SO WHY NOT TRY TO MAKE THIS WORLD SPECIAL!!!! I think that is one thing that we are born change this world even of its just a part of it...It will make a difference...So go on start now it is the begging of one truly path......YOURS! !!!!! ♡♡♡ ONE LOVE!

  14. hi peeps
    i love this article, but have several questions. i hope someone can help me with a better understanding. re: recessive neg== my son is A- would my husband and i both have to carry the gene? would it show up in my type or my husbands type?

    1. I'm A- and I don't see how that makes me any more special than anyone else other than I belong to part of the population that is only 15% of which is negative blood. If my blood type is a gift that may help humanity I'm in.

  15. I am negative as well. Now I am interested in knowing more so I will start my research tomorrow. I just wanted to comment regarding something my mother told me years ago before she passed. She too was negative. For whatever reason they actually gave her a complete blood transfusion when she was a newborn. Any thoughts on why?

    1. Her mother made antibodies that got into her blood stream and attacked it, making her blood toxic

  16. Hi I'm RHNeg,
    Wow this is blowing me away so many similarities! I never seamed to fit in anywhere and still don't, only now I have learnt to except it, I was always very athletic espesh when it comes to running, extremely sensitive & one with nature, everyone comes to me with their problems, I constantly wish I could save the world, have Hashimotos thyroid disease, my eye colour varies with my moods blue grey green, I am super sensitive to other ppls moods and emotions in the way that I feel what others feel, blonde, fair but tan is very olive, favourite food is salid,very I love with nature and animals, I seam to be ageing slowly, interested in learning more ��

  17. Hi I'm RHNeg, where do I start, first of all nice to meet u all! I too share many Similarities,

    • Intouch with nature
    • feel too much
    • always felt different
    • never fit in
    • never felt like part of the group
    • super sensitive to others emotions including animals
    • blonde
    • Blue/grey/green eyes vary with mood
    • hyper child
    • athletic espesh running
    • wish everyone cared as much as I do
    • sensitive to negativity & violence
    • driven
    • children & animals are drawn to me
    • shit with time management
    • very loyal
    • the shoulder everyone leans on

  18. There's so little information said publicly about this clear division, which, if you understand the level of deception going on, leads me to believe there is much importance to this topic. The Most High said it himself, that blood IS life. My heart tells me the RH negative line is the original, from our creator, but most of the little we have to go off of says otherwise.. that we are the spawn of the Nephilim. It's been troubling battling this in my mind.

    A- Clearly line up with the characteristics mentioned by others, especially the one above. The most evident is the changing eyes from green to blue to gray blue. Another weird fact was how from birth to about 7 ish, platinum blonde hair, now dark brown/black. Reminds me of that movie in the 90's Village of the damned :/

    1. There has to be some type of genetic advantage to having negative blood. From what I have found negative blood is more resistant to some diseases. It would appear that the mutation can be traced back about 35000 years. The highest population of negative blood is in southern France and northern Spain. It would be interesting to find out what environmental conditions aloud the negative blood to propagate.

  19. there are people with dark hair and dark eyes who are Rh negative. RH neg people are very open minded and no this. I am one of them. so let's please stay away from the negative stereotype please.

  20. I am also RH neg and can relate to a lot of what is being said in this forum.Now through being bi-polar into all of that....mind over load sometimes.My dad is A neg my mom B neg my 3 brothers are also AB neg and my 2 boys are AB neg and my daughter is A neg and their dad is A pos.I had 2 miscarriages before I found out I was AB neg and as mentioned above in post my daughter was a blue born baby.Very interesting to say the least.Thank you for the info.