Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Ancient People

Women from Krapina, CROATIA, 150.000 years ago. If this Neanderthal women looked like that all those thousands of years ago, she would look even more like we do today. Actually if you saw her walking down the street you would probably not look twice.

Neanderthal child from Gibraltar

Neanderthal bone-flute from Slovenia

Neanderthals not only were using herbs for healing, rituals and aromatherapy hundreds of thousands of years ago, they also created the very first musical instruments. 

This is an extremely old carving of the Goddess and her child.

Even hundreds of thousands of years ago Neanderthals were very spiritual shamanistic people. They venerated the Goddess and all women because they create life. As such they were not the cannibalistic wild creatures they are portrayed as by Scientists. They are peaceful nature loving people.

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  1. Also the Goddess is the Mother of the Universe and shes inside all of us. I know because she told me when i was 5 and she taught me how to meditate.