Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rh Disease! Since when is a different species a disease?

 Diseases vs. traits

While the science of genetics has increasingly provided means by which certain characteristics and conditions can be identified and understood, given the complexity of human genetics and culture, there is at this point no agreed objective means of determining which traits might be ultimately desirable or undesirable. Would eugenic manipulations that reduce the propensity for risk-taking and violence, for example, in a population lead to their extinction? On the other hand, there is universal agreement that many genetic diseases, such as Tay Sachs, spina bifida, Hemochromatosis, Down syndrome, Rh disease, etc. are quite harmful to the affected individuals and their families and therefore to the societies to which they belong. Eugenic measures against many of the latter diseases are already being undertaken in societies around the world, while measures against traits that affect more subtle, poorly understood traits, such as risk-taking, are relegated to the realm of speculation and science fiction. The effects of diseases are essentially wholly negative, and societies everywhere seek to reduce their impact by various means, some of which are eugenic in all but name. The other traits that are discussed have positive as well as negative effects, and are not generally targeted at present anywhere.


How dare they imply that just because Rh negatives have problems when breeding with positives, that is means we should all be wiped out, as it is a disease! Since when did being a different species mean you have a disease? If Rh negatives only breed with their own kind there is no problem with the birth at all.

There is a witch hunt out against us that never went away. They won't be happy until everyone last one of us has been wiped out.

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  1. They are jealous of us, many consumed by their hatred. Wiping us out would bring "them" no more happiness than they currently today have.

    Many with power assume they are in control because they are the most dexterous. Want to see true power; go ahead, maintain trajectory.