Thursday, 7 March 2013

Risks During Pregnancy Regarding Rh Status

There seems to be a lot of confusion where Rh status and pregnancy are concerned, so I thought I would make a chart for you to check against.

You have to remember though, that problems only occur when the positive baby or the positive Mother passes their own blood to a negative Mother or baby.

To avoid all problems completely you should only have children with someone who is the same Rh status as you. This is also not taking into account all the other factors in blood like Kell, Duffy and others which can also affect pregnancy.


  1. I always knew that as a new born I almost died, I am RH negative and my mother is RH positive, she never wants to talk about that, I was very curious about a food poisoning that can get you sick for almost a year, thanks to your site I have finally found why. When I was 4 month old I got milk poisoning and the doctor recommended a direct blood transfusion from the mother, so they did, I now know that I was a RH negative and sensitive to RH positive and when I got again RH positive blood I suffer a transfusion reaction, the doctor never knew what was happening, this was long long time ago, it has taken me 60 year to find out the truth. Thank you so very much for your article.

  2. I am also RH negative and during my pregnancy time i and my husband was really afraid that it does not affect on the baby i aways go for a check up and my doctor suggest me an injection for it. I just read your post and it remember all the memories.
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  3. I am A- and my sons are B+, They say it should not affect the first child, But during my first child I hemorrhaged from a tare in the placenta causing the RoGam shot to fail. I became sensitized and both my babies had to get light therapy my second received a blood transfusion at 2 days old. I was told by nurses I may get sick later on. I now have chronic headache and fatigue. I wonder if anyone had any information on whether my symptoms could be related to my blood type and sensitization and what I could do to feel better. FYI both my sons are healthy at 17 and 19 yrs old.

  4. thanks so much for sharing - just found your blog & it has terrific content! below is a link to where i have written about my pregnancy experience - which I think was greatly impacted by negative blood (O-)

  5. First... I LOVE this site! I am O- & it explains innumerable amounts about all my bizarre differences! So THANK YOU!!!!
    Second... I was at first angry when my OB Dr. insisted on my taking the Rhogam shot while I was pregnant with all six of my children... because my husband is B(-) so, since we both RH Negative, I couldn't understand why the Dr. Was SO insistent. I now have found out through research that there IS a reason! (Though if she knew this info -she should have given me the reason) but the last part of your chart is not completely correct. Apparently there is TWO possibilities in RH (-) MEN... 1st) 55% of RH (-) males are Heberozygous - this means his genetics allow him to produce
    RH (-) offspring 50% of the time & RH (+) offspring 50% of the time.
    The 2nd) is a Homozygous man ~ his offspring will always be RH (-) 100% of the time.
    So unless you KNOW if your RH (-) husband is Homozygous , your baby still has a 50% chance of being
    RH (+). Isn't THAT a kicker! But I thought this was important since its not common knowledge.

  6. I'm RHNeg D but O pos, I never experienced any problems but had an injection after each of my 4 children were born. Only 1 child, the last has got the rhs factor, why is this

  7. My mom is RH negative and had seven RH positive kids with no complications or shots to help her! She asked her obstetrician why and he told her that only about 20% of RH negative mothers have any problems giving birth to RH positive children.